1: Saturn retrograde brings introspection and transformation for Aries. Time to reassess goals.

2: Taurus, Saturn's retrograde calls for reflection on relationships and commitment. Prepare for growth.

3: Gemini, Saturn retrograde prompts career evaluation. Time to make strategic moves for success.

4: Cancer, Saturn's retrograde seeks emotional balance and self-care. Focus on nurturing inner self.

5: Leo, Saturn retrograde pushes for financial planning and stability. Set clear goals for prosperity.

6: Virgo, Saturn in retrograde highlights communication and learning. Embrace new knowledge and ideas.

7: Libra, Saturn retrograde emphasizes boundaries and self-expression. Assert boundaries for harmony.

8: Scorpio, Saturn in retrograde prompts soul searching and personal growth. Embrace transformation with courage.

9: Sagittarius, Saturn retrograde challenges beliefs and travel plans. Embrace change for spiritual growth.