1: Avoid saying hurtful words that can cause pain to your loved one. Communication is key in any relationship.

2: Never belittle or undermine your partner's feelings. Respect and empathy are essential in a healthy relationship.

3: Don't compare your partner to others. Appreciate their unique qualities and celebrate your differences.

4: Avoid using words that can trigger insecurities. Build each other up and support one another's growth.

5: Never dismiss your partner's emotions. Listen actively and validate their feelings without judgment.

6: Don't make harsh criticisms or insults. Choose your words carefully and speak with kindness and compassion.

7: Avoid making threats or ultimatums. Healthy communication is about finding compromises and solutions together.

8: Never use manipulative language or gaslighting tactics. Build trust by being honest and transparent in your communication.

9: Don't withhold affection or love as a form of punishment. Show appreciation and express your love regularly.