1: Hair plopping is a game-changer for curly girls. Discover the technique that’ll give you frizz-free locks in no time.

2: Step 1: Apply your favorite curl-enhancing products to damp hair. Don’t be shy – the more, the merrier!

3: Step 2: Lay a microfiber towel on a flat surface. Flip your head over and carefully place your curls in the center.

4: Step 3: Wrap the excess towel around your hair, creating a turban. Secure it in place and let your hair plop for 20-30 minutes.

5: Step 4: Unwrap your hair and behold your beautifully defined curls. Say goodbye to air-drying mishaps and hello to bouncy locks!

6: Why plopping works wonders: It prevents breakage, reduces frizz, and helps define your natural curl pattern.

7: Curly hair care tip: Sleep with a silk or satin pillowcase to maintain your curls’ shape and prevent unwanted friction.

8: Make hair plopping a regular part of your routine for consistently stunning results. Your curls will thank you!

9: Now that you’re a hair plopping pro, embrace your natural texture and rock those gorgeous curls with confidence. #CurlyHairGoals