1: Prince Harry and Meghan spotted enjoying streetstyle dances in Lagos, embracing the local culture.

2: The royal couple joined in the festivities, showcasing their dance moves with the locals.

3: Fans were thrilled to see Harry and Meghan getting down on the dance floor in Lagos.

4: The Duke and Duchess of Sussex appeared relaxed and happy as they immersed themselves in the vibrant dance scene.

5: Their visit to Lagos was a memorable experience, celebrating the spirit of community through dance.

6: Local dancers welcomed Harry and Meghan with open arms, creating a special bond through music and movement.

7: The couple's presence added an exciting element to the streetstyle dancing scene in Lagos.

8: Witnessing Prince Harry and Meghan groove to the beats of Lagos was a sight to remember.

9: Their interaction with the dancers highlighted their appreciation for diversity and inclusivity in dance culture.