1: "Diana's Influence" Princess Diana's presence would have impacted the royal wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

2: "Potential Changes" With Diana alive, the dynamics of the royal family would have been different, altering Harry and Meghan's relationship.

3: "Family Dynamics" Diana's involvement could have shifted the family's reactions and decisions regarding Harry's love life.

4: "Royal Approval" Diana's opinion likely would have influenced the family's support of the relationship.

5: "Public Opinion" The public's response to Harry and Meghan's marriage would have been different if Diana had a say.

6: "Modern Tradition" The couple's decision to marry may have followed a different path if Diana were still around.

7: "Personal Sacrifices" Diana's sacrifices for the royal family may have impacted Harry and Meghan's choices.

8: "Uncharted Territory" The absence of Diana creates a unique royal situation for Harry and Meghan.

9: "Everlasting Legacy" Despite Diana's absence, her spirit lives on in Harry and Meghan's union.