1: Margot Robbie confirms she is not moving forward with her female-led Pirates of the Caribbean spinoff.

2: The actress cites that the project is no longer in development, disappointing fans who were excited for the new adaptation.

3: Robbie's decision comes after Disney announced a separate Pirates of the Caribbean reboot with a male lead.

4: Despite the setback, Margot Robbie remains busy with other projects, including her upcoming roles in several highly-anticipated films.

5: Fans of Robbie's work can still look forward to seeing her talents in a variety of genres and characters in the future.

6: The actress is known for her versatility and skilled performances, making her a sought-after talent in Hollywood.

7: While the Pirates of the Caribbean spinoff may not be happening, Margot Robbie continues to take on exciting projects.

8: Robbie's decision to step away from the spinoff opens up new opportunities for her to explore diverse and challenging roles.

9: Fans can stay updated on Margot Robbie's career by following her on social media and watching for news on her upcoming projects.