1: Jimmy watches in shock as his father falls for a con involving an inflatable scheme.

2: Feeling helpless, Jimmy decides to seek help from a shady character he knows from the past.

3: With no other options, Jimmy turns to the infamous con artist, Better Call Saul.

4: Will Better Call Saul be able to help Jimmy's father out of the inflatable con?

5: As the story unfolds, Jimmy discovers the intricate web of deceit surrounding his father's predicament.

6: Better Call Saul devises a plan to expose the con artist behind the inflatable scheme.

7: Tensions rise as Jimmy and Better Call Saul confront the mastermind behind the con.

8: In a thrilling climax, the truth is revealed, and justice is served in the case of the inflatable con.

9: Join Jimmy on a riveting journey of betrayal, redemption, and the power of seeking help from Better Call Saul.