1: "After leaving under controversial circumstances, Jennifer Esposito's return to Blue Bloods is the closure Jackie Reagan fans have been waiting for."

2: "Esposito's portrayal of tough-as-nails detective Jackie Reagan captivated audiences, making her return highly anticipated."

3: "Fans of Blue Bloods have long felt that Jackie's story was left unresolved, making Esposito's return all the more significant."

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5: "Her return promises to bring closure to Jackie's story, giving fans the ending they have been waiting for."

6: "With Esposito's return, Blue Bloods is set to deliver a satisfying conclusion to Jackie Reagan's character arc."

7: "The return of Jennifer Esposito to Blue Bloods is a highly anticipated moment for fans of the show."

8: "Esposito's return promises to bring added depth and resolution to Jackie's character, giving fans closure on her story."

9: "The return of Jennifer Esposito to Blue Bloods marks the end of Jackie's journey, delivering the conclusion that fans have been waiting for."