1: Is It Dandruff or Scalp Psoriasis? Learn the key differences between the two common scalp conditions.

2: Symptoms of Dandruff include flaky scalp and itching, while Scalp Psoriasis presents with red patches and silvery scales.

3: Causes of Dandruff can be excessive oil production or fungal overgrowth, while Scalp Psoriasis is an autoimmune condition.

4: Treatment for Dandruff may include medicated shampoos, whereas Scalp Psoriasis may require steroids or phototherapy.

5: Dandruff is usually manageable with over-the-counter products, but Scalp Psoriasis may need prescription-strength medications.

6: Consult a dermatologist for an accurate diagnosis of your scalp condition and appropriate treatment plan.

7: Proper scalp care, such as avoiding harsh products and maintaining good hygiene, can help manage both conditions effectively.

8: Don't self-diagnose – seek professional help if you are unsure whether you have Dandruff or Scalp Psoriasis.

9: Education and awareness are key in distinguishing between Dandruff and Scalp Psoriasis for proper treatment and management.