1: Intro Learn how to fix pink lines on your Galaxy S7 Edge screen with these simple tips.

2: Check for Software Updates Ensure your phone's software is up to date to potentially resolve pink line issues.

3: Restart Your Device Turn off and on your Galaxy S7 Edge to see if the pink lines disappear.

4: Adjust Display Settings Try adjusting the brightness and color settings to see if it helps with pink lines.

5: Reset Display Settings Resetting your display settings to default may help eliminate pink lines on the screen.

6: Test in Safe Mode Boot your device in safe mode to check if third-party apps are causing the issue.

7: Update Apps Make sure all apps are updated to the latest version to avoid any screen display problems.

8: Contact Support If pink lines persist, contact Samsung support for professional assistance in resolving the issue.

9: Conclusion Follow these steps to troubleshoot and repair pink lines on your Galaxy S7 Edge screen for a better viewing experience.