1: The Google Pixel 3 boasts a larger display compared to the Pixel 2.

2: Improved camera quality on the Google Pixel 3 sets it apart from the Pixel 2.

3: Enhanced facial recognition technology on the Pixel 3 surpasses the Pixel 2.

4: Battery life on the Google Pixel 3 is longer-lasting than the Pixel 2.

5: The Pixel 3 offers wireless charging, a feature missing from the Pixel 2.

6: Google Pixel 3 features a more powerful processor than the Pixel 2.

7: The Pixel 3 introduces new AI-driven features not seen in the Pixel 2.

8: Sleeker design and better build quality make the Pixel 3 superior to the Pixel 2.

9: Overall, the Google Pixel 3 is a significant upgrade over the Pixel 2 in performance and features.