1: Ernie Hudson, known for his role as Winston in Ghostbusters, is pushing for a spinoff.

2: Hudson believes there's potential for a Winston-focused story in the Ghostbusters universe.

3: The actor is excited about the idea of exploring Winston's character further in a spinoff.

4: Fans are on board with the idea of a Winston spinoff after the success of Ghostbusters Frozen Empire.

5: Hudson's passion for the character has sparked a campaign for the spinoff to happen.

6: Ghostbusters enthusiasts are eager to see Winston take center stage in his own story.

7: Hudson's vision for a Winston spinoff is gaining traction in the entertainment industry.

8: The actor's enthusiasm for the project is infectious, garnering support from fans and colleagues.

9: A Winston spinoff could offer a fresh perspective on the Ghostbusters universe and appeal to a new generation.