1: Side-Swept Bangs: Flattering for all face shapes. Soften features and add dimension.

2: Curtain Bangs: Perfect for oval faces. Frame the face and create a chic look.

3: Blunt Bangs: Best for square faces. Add structure and highlight cheekbones.

4: Wispy Bangs: Ideal for round faces. Create a soft, feminine look.

5: Arched Bangs: Complement heart-shaped faces. Balance forehead and jawline.

6: Micro Bangs: Edgy style for angular faces. Add a bold statement.

7: Baby Bangs: Trendy choice for petite faces. Add a playful touch.

8: Layered Bangs: Versatile option for all face shapes. Add movement and texture.

9: Feathered Bangs: Flatter diamond faces. Add softness and enhance features.