1: Neon Genesis Evangelion - A classic with a controversial ending that left fans divided. Will we ever see a true conclusion?

2: Claymore - The anime ended abruptly, leaving many questions unanswered. Fans still hope for a continuation.

3: Deadman Wonderland - A gripping story cut short, leaving viewers craving more. Will there ever be a second season?

4: Tokyo Ghoul - The anime strayed from the manga, disappointing fans. Will we ever get a faithful adaptation?

5: Berserk - The 2016 series left fans dissatisfied. Will we see a proper adaptation of this dark fantasy epic?

6: Spice and Wolf - A charming anime with no true conclusion. Will we ever learn the fate of Holo and Lawrence?

7: No Game No Life - Fans eagerly await a second season after the first left off on a cliffhanger. Will it happen?

8: Nana - A beloved anime with an incomplete story. Will we ever see a resolution to Nana and Hachi's tale?

9: Hyouka - A mystery series with an unresolved romantic subplot. Will there be closure for Oreki and Chitanda?