1: "10 Sitcom Running Gags That Got Old Quickly"

2: "From catchphrases to recycled jokes, these tired sitcom gags lost their charm fast."

3: "Repetitive plot devices and stale humor made these running gags fall flat with audiences."

4: "Laugh tracks couldn't save these overused and predictable comedic routines on TV."

5: "Viewers were quick to tire of these worn-out jokes that lacked originality and creativity."

6: "Excessive reliance on these tired running gags left viewers rolling their eyes instead of laughing."

7: "These once-funny gags overstayed their welcome, becoming cringeworthy and uninspired."

8: "While some running gags add to a show’s charm, these missed the mark and became tedious."

9: "Avoid these tired sitcom gags if you want to keep your audience engaged and entertained."