1: Crater Lake, USA - Deepest lake in the US, known for its pure blue waters.

2: Lake Como, Italy - Stunning views surrounded by mountains and charming villages.

3: Plitvice Lakes, Croatia - UNESCO World Heritage site with cascading waterfalls.

4: Moraine Lake, Canada - Turquoise waters set against snow-capped mountains.

5: Lake Baikal, Russia - Oldest and deepest freshwater lake in the world.

6: Lake Titicaca, Peru/Bolivia - Highest navigable lake, home to floating islands.

7: Dead Sea, Israel/Jordan - Saltiest lake, known for its healing properties.

8: Lake Tahoe, USA - Second deepest lake in the US, popular for outdoor activities.

9: Lake Bled, Slovenia - Picture-perfect lake with a charming island in the middle.